Recent Projects

Reinforcement learning from expert demonstrations

Reinforcement learning via observing expert demonstrations

Defense against adversarial attacks on neural networks

Robust training against adversarial noise for defense against adversarial attacks

End-to-end learning to hash for efficient retrieval via combinatorial optimization

Learning to build hash tables for efficient and accurate data retrieval via combinatorial optimization

Abstractions for reinforcement learning

Learning state and action abstractions for reinforcement learning

Recent News

Paper accepted at ICML

21 May 2018

One paper accepted at ICML2018 as a long oral presentation (link)

Scholarship granted

18 April 2018

MS/Phd Student Jaekyeom Kim became a recipient of Kwanjeong Domestic Scholarship.

Scholarship granted

5 April 2018

MS/Phd Student Yeonwoo Jeong became a recipient of KFAS Computer Science Scholarship.

For Prospective Students

It's best to first apply for undergraduate internship and/or take the machine learning courses. Please contact (email hyunoh _at_ at least one semester before your graduate application for the internship.